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Are you tired of excess weight? Xenical will help you to be slim!

Xenical is the first no prescription drug that blocks the absorption of fat. Nowadays, you can buy xenical online, not even leaving your home.
Obesity is caused by excess of fat in the human body. Since most high-calorie food ingredients - fat (1 gram of fat contains nine calories, and 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates only 4), most effective is to limit foods with fat. Fats are easier and faster deposited in the reserve of the body; they give food taste and pleasant smell, thereby increasing feelings of hunger and slowing satiety. The more fat you use in your diet, the greater gets the mass of the body and weight loss finally becomes difficult. Fatty nutrition leads to increased consumption of calories per day. One must take into consideration that a lot of products (such as sausages, cheeses, etc.) contain hidden fats and therefore, sufficient calories. At present, the world's leading experts say that a healthy diet makes weight loss become easier.
    So that fats could be metabolized by the body, they must be firstly split by the lipase, made by the pancreas and in small amount enter the small intestine soon after a meal. The action of lipases is that it increases the efficiency of fat absorption by the organism.
Xenical acts only in the intestine, is not absorbed into the blood, inhibits lipase enzyme which breaks down fats. The medication is recommended to be taken 3 times a day. One needs to know the mechanism of action of the medicine. If the stool becomes greasy and oily, you overeat fats. Thus, the appearance of fatty stools while taking Xenical is used as a sign of excessive fat consumption and requires correction of the diet, limiting fat consumed with food.
   It is desirable to take Xenical at large surplus of weight (at medium surplus, you can use just a simple diet).
   One can buy xenical online and it will definitely help in your weight loss plan.
   The medicine is a derivative of lipstatin, a waste product of mold fungus Streptomyces toxytricini, which inhibits most types of lipases.
   While many studies of Xenical, the drug was administered in low doses (30-60 mg 3 times a day), which were ineffective. Therefore, the data from studies in which Xenical was administered at the standard dose - 120 mg taken three times a day is effective.
    All studies confirmed the efficacy of the medicine in reducing the body weight, compared to placebo. At 1 year, nearly one-third of patients taking Xenical, reduced the weight by 5 percent or more of its original state, as opposed to those who did not take the medication.

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